Where I Stand…

…defines who I am.

In a world where “what I am” (Black, female, gay) is more important than “who I am” (kind, accepting, understanding, intelligent, caring, conservative, God-fearing, literate), I feel it necessary for me to set the record straight: For anyone who desires to look beyond WHAT I am and see WHO I am…

I do not consider myself as either pro or anti abortion. I personally know someone who made the very difficult decision to have an abortion so I would not begin to dictate what I think any woman should do. All I know is there are instances where there really is NO other option. But I to take issue with some states saying it is okay to have an abortion as late as the 3rd trimester! Any woman who takes that long to decide whether or not to have a child has lost the right to have an abortion. Waiting till the 2nd trimester, for me is pushing it. So, if you want an abortion? Fine. But YOU pay 100% of the cost and you make that decision within the first 2-3 months of pregnancy. If that makes me anti-abortion or pro-life or whatever little box you want to put me in…that’s on you…

I think we definitely need to reform our path to citizenship for ILLEGAL immigrants. But I think we need to first acknowledge that a law has been broken, that the millions who are here already should not “get a free pass” in any form! As if we should reward them for not getting caught and deported for this long?! No way! No one should get a free ride, regardless of whether you’re an illegal or an American citizen. Do I think we should pack them all up and send them back wherever they came from? Violent criminals should definitely be sent back (not released) because my taxpayer dollars should not be going to house them in our prison system. It’s absurd. And to the rest who are ALSO criminals I’d be willing to go along with having them pay a hefty fine (commiserate with whatever taxes they would have paid if they were legalized) and then put them on a queue once we have a more streamlined path to citizenship. I honestly don’t know why we haven’t looked into making it quicker? With all the government employees how is it possible there is STILL such a backlog?!

What a touchy subject this has become! If you are against “universal healthcare” then you’re racist and hate old people, children, women, or all of the above at the same time. So I must be a racist hater because I am NOT a supporter of Obamacare. I do find it disconcerting that no other option (to my knowledge) has been brought forward as an alternative or better option to the ACA. And why we’re allowing the lies that have sprung forth about this plan that was supposed to do so many things, aside from save families money and save lives, I just don’t know. This plan was to support the more than 40 million Americans who didn’t have some sort of healthcare coverage. To my knowledge over 5 million who HAD coverage (either through their employer or privately) lost it when the ACA became law, yet we are to believe the 7.1 million who signed up before the deadline come from the 40+ million and not from those who had coverage and lost it?! Yeah, bite me!

Economics (Capitalism)
This is the only way a nation can survive and if you look at history there is no other government system that has worked as effectively. When you are talking about ultimate freedom, no other system, when allowed to function as it’s supposed to, works better.

Taxes (Federal vs. State/Local)
Who among us actually LOVES paying taxes? Raise your hand… Yeah, I thought so. But I think we can all agree to some extent that taxes are needed to maintain certain aspects and functions of our day-to-day lives that we take for granted. The problem, as I see it, is with this fluctuation of who pays how much tax depending on which income bracket you happen to fall in and where you live. I live in NYC so I pay a State tax as well as a City tax. Such fun! Then I pay somewhere between 9-12% in Federal taxes. I love the idea of a Federal Flat Tax. For anyone with common sense you would see how that would ensure a poorer person doesn’t pay as much as a wealthy person. Allow me to explain:

Taxing the Wealthy
There has been no worse idea to come forth from anyone’s mouth or mind (other than universal healthcare) than taxing the rich in order to better the poor. First of all who pays the salaries of those in the lower and middle class? Those with the money. If you increase taxes on the wealthy in order to keep the poor from having to earn their own place in this world the middle class will suffer because the wealthy will have to either lay off their workers or put a freeze on hiring! No matter how you look at it there is no justification for taxing the wealthy at such a high rate. In fact, we should decrease the taxes they pay so that they can higher more workers, give more raises, create more, and that, my friend is what capitalism is all about!

Gay Marriage
I believe the question of gay marriage should not be in the hands of the Federal Government or even the State Government to decide whether or not it should be allowed. I believe the question of marriage should be left up to God and the religion a person follows. I realize there are those that don’t, in which case I can see the need for some sort of City Hall to administer a marriage license. In which case I would say the State should decide if they want to make gay marriage legal. But on a more specific level because I do not agree with the courts reversing decisions that the people of the state voted on. If you want the decision to be up to the state and a majority voted to make gay marriage illegal it should not be so simple to reverse it by simply allowing a handful of those who want it to be legal to walk into a courtroom and have that vote overturned. We are not a dictatorship where the will of the few dictates the freedoms of the many. We are a Republic and as such we must hold dear the fact that the people decide and if you don’t like the vote then do what you can (within legal standing) to change the minds of those who voted against what you believe and fight to get that vote back on the ballot so it can be voted on again. That is how we do things. If it can be overturned by a judge so easily then that action further demeans the power and purpose of each individuals right to vote.

War on Women

Black vs. African American

Political Correctness (P.C.)

LGBT Community/HRC

Foreign Policy

Second Amendment

Freedom of Speech


Affirmative Action

Religion (incl. Freedom of vs Freedom from)

Separation of Church & State

Common Core

The Dream Act

Death Penalty