“Irene Adler”

Allow me to introduce you to the “alter-ego” handle I’ll be writing under while I am a contributing writer for the newly formed, politically driven, site, Elementary Politics:

E. L. Drayton AKA Irene Adler

Politics is something I became strongly interested in and deeply passionate about right after I graduated college. I’ve always wanted to learn, teach myself, all I could about the history of this country that millions are literally dying to get into. What have I been taking for granted for the last 20+ years of my life? I started with the Founding Fathers and never looked back. Now I watch C-SPAN as a hobby, buy up all classical & historical books I can get my hands on, as well as keeping myself informed on news happening on a national & international level.

I was born in “Da Bronx” (located in New York City), to a single mother who raised two children on her own in a tiny one bedroom apartment. Growing up Black and in the “ghetto” is often depicted as a terrible life, but for me, it opened my eyes because my mother taught me there is always more to life than living off the government like so many around me were (and still are) doing. She instilled in me the tools I use to this day to know & understand what freedom truly means. And she reminds me that I am free to do and be whatever I want.

For right now, I want to make waves. Shake up people’s minds until they open to a possibility that happiness is not guaranteed but must be earned. Money doesn’t buy everything but if you want everything you have to work hard for it. Handouts and government programs only serve to erase all that the Black slaves & our Founding Fathers fought long and hard to abolish.

Just think of me as Irene Adler, outwitting men & women with my unique mixture of intelligence and sarcasm.

I will start the flame, and as long as you tell and seek the truth, you won’t get burned.

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