Tag: Tea Party

Jan 29 2014

More of the Same from Everybody

Last night was the 5th State of the Union address delivered by President Barack Obama. And before I begin I’d first like to thank Woodrow Wilson for starting back up a tradition Thomas Jefferson felt was a bit too “royal” in its delivery. Then I’d like to thank Harry Truman for deciding these useless speeches …

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May 18 2013

The Buck Stops ANYWHERE Else But Here!

What a whirl wind we’ve all been a part of these past couple of weeks huh? I keep waiting to hear someone in the Obama Administration mention “head-winds” any moment now. Then it’ll feel like business as usual. But no one has said those words. In fact, no one in the mainstream media has been …

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Mar 16 2013

There Can Only Be One

I’d like to think 2016 is quite a ways away and I would get a break from the political process both sides engage in with searching for the next President of the United States. How wrong I was. Couldn’t I at least have gotten a few days of respite from the talking heads? But no, …

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Dec 21 2011

Disagreeing W/Glenn Beck

The day I thought would never come is here; I disagree with Glenn Beck. For those of you who don’t know who Glenn Beck is, in a nutshell, he’s easily one of the top 10 most hated men for liberals everywhere. He’s not a journalist, he’s not a newscaster, he’s not a “birther” or a …

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