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Jul 16 2015

Atticus Finch is NOT a Racist (Book Review)

Yet again I find myself reviewing a book (not on my blog specifically for book reviews) on here to discuss a book that seems to be causing some controversy. I just recently read To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee last year (for the first time) so I’m well aware of how loved it was …

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Jul 07 2014

Gay is the New Black

How long will it take before Affirmative Action will be changed from “helping Blacks” to “helping gays”? I can’t believe I’m even asking the question! Not only that, but I can’t believe the answer is, sooner than you think, or could be argued, already happening! We have truly entered a new era in politics where …

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Jun 10 2014

After Thoughts Show (Episode 5)

Listen to our show exclusively on YouTube: Meredith and I have some GREAT news! By our next show you can find us on iHeart Radio! It was a month long process from when I submitted the application where the people at iHeart Radio looked over our show from stem to stern and finally decided to accept …

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Aug 23 2013

The Black Racist

It might seem like a strange combination of words to see together but it DOES exist. It is possible to be Black AND a racist. The two words are not like oil and water when put together. Actually, the term “Black racist” is beginning to appear more and more evident anywhere you choose to look. …

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