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Dec 16 2013

Santa Claus Is White, Jesus Was Not

Tis the season for me to be annoyed by the opinions of others… I try to remain in my own little bubble where not EVERYTHING is about who’s Black and who’s White. Common sense in my world is a virtue, not to be avoided, like the plague. But that is my fairytale land where I …

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Aug 23 2013

The Black Racist

It might seem like a strange combination of words to see together but it DOES exist. It is possible to be Black AND a racist. The two words are not like oil and water when put together. Actually, the term “Black racist” is beginning to appear more and more evident anywhere you choose to look. …

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Jul 16 2013

How to End Racism in America

George Zimmerman was found not guilty. When I heard that verdict was reached many things came to my mind. None of them had anything to do with Trayvon Martin being Black or Zimmerman being White (or half-White) or whatever the story on his race might be presently. All I thought was, the jury found him …

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Apr 10 2013

Where IS the Outrage?

I was handed Jet Magazine* today. Most of my friends who I shared this cover with said to me, and I will echo, “Jet is still in publication?” I was a bit surprised, but I accepted this issue with great intrigue in the cover which prompted me to put my daily work on hold to …

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