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Feb 25 2014

TCL Podcast (Episode #2)

It’s our second show and I think we are beginning to get our footing. Again, as a reminder, we tape on Friday’s and publicize the show across all major Social Networking sites on Monday. For now that seems to be a schedule we are both comfortable with and it gives us a weeks worth of …

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Aug 05 2013

I Am NOT Trayvon Martin…

…Nor am I George Zimmerman. None of us are. What happened that night can never, and probably never will be, fully comprehended by anyone, yet too many insist on their own personal closure. Why? This local case had no business being taken on a national scale and would never have been if Trayvon Martin had …

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Apr 20 2013

War on Mental Health

Where are the “war on mental health” fighters? The silence is deafening. We the people are allowing them the government to define, not only who is allowed to own guns, but lump everyone else together. There are no findings, that I’m aware of, that shows those who are on anti-depressants (for example) will undoubtedly commit …

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Apr 10 2013

Where IS the Outrage?

I was handed Jet Magazine* today. Most of my friends who I shared this cover with said to me, and I will echo, “Jet is still in publication?” I was a bit surprised, but I accepted this issue with great intrigue in the cover which prompted me to put my daily work on hold to …

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