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Jan 06 2014

Why I Watch Bronx News 12 for My News

My days of watching ANY politically driven talking heads on television are over. I mean that for BOTH the Left and the Right. In 2013 I spent the first half watching MSNBC shows such as Morning Joe, Politics Nation, Hardball, & The Rachel Maddow Show. I suffered through them because I felt as an American …

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May 05 2013

It Was Never About Guns!

You could say I had an epiphany last night after Glenn’s almost 2hr long epic speech as the Keynote Speaker at the NRA Convention. I don’t think I did because I’ve known for quite some time this “gun control” debate was never about the word gun. The keyword for me in that term has always …

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Feb 25 2013

Change the Method Not the Message

On the second day of the FreedomWorks Summit it was quite an eye-opening experience. It’s one thing to get a group of like-minded individuals in one place at one time, but it’s another thing to see the diversity of personalities actually listening to one another. It is something no Democrat or Liberal has ever seen …

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Oct 28 2010

The Fall of Women

Normally I try to stay away from anything resembling standing up for something. It’s a terrible thing to say and admit but it’s true. Being a gay, black, female is hard enough without adding on being a walking, talking spokesperson for all three. I feel if I’m going to be a “public representation” of one …

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