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Aug 05 2013

I Am NOT Trayvon Martin…

…Nor am I George Zimmerman. None of us are. What happened that night can never, and probably never will be, fully comprehended by anyone, yet too many insist on their own personal closure. Why? This local case had no business being taken on a national scale and would never have been if Trayvon Martin had …

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Mar 22 2013

Should I be "Shocked"?

Making the headlines this past week or so is some musician by the name of Michelle Shocked who made some “anti-gay” statements. I’ve tried to avoid the story about as long as possible without now some of interest being piqued. To start let me say I have NO IDEA who this woman is. Doing a …

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Mar 20 2013

Every Day is St. Crispin’s Day

While the magnitude of what William Shakespeare was trying to convey is much more serious than what I would compare it to when it comes to the life a simple Conservative, such as myself leads, it’s definitely a relatable one in the small bloggers world we Patriots (we band of brothers) have created. This day …

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Mar 19 2013

The Price of Education

I never thought I’d be at an age where I’m saying, “I remember when…” and find myself referencing two decades ago! I’m not ready to be almost 30, but I am and there is nothing for me to do but look back on my childhood with much fondness because I shudder to think what my …

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