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Aug 08 2013

Who Am I to Judge?

You’re the leader of the Catholic Church. You are the “go-between” guy whose job it is to communicate the teachings of God, who is believed by BILLIONS to be talking to His followers through you. That is who you are. So who are you to judge? Well, and I say this with the utmost humility, …

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Mar 10 2013

When I Am Worried

How many of us turn to scriptures for some sort of guidance or support no matter what our mood? Many of us don’t but so much more of us do. I know that I have taken to reading the Psalms a lot lately. Or whenever a Reverend from my church mentions a passage I always …

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Oct 19 2011

A Humble Awakening

I am going through something I hope I can express to you with words. It is as if my thoughts are no longer my own. There are far too many thoughts and ideas going on in my head for them to be solely my own. There is definitely a higher power guiding me forward down …

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May 06 2011

I Know What "Evil" Is

It seems many people have taken a Switzerland stance when it comes to boldly identifying evil people. The fear people have of making such a bold statement is astounding. What’s wrong with knowing what it means to be evil and classifying certain terrorists or insane people in that category? When I hear the names Osama …

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