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Nov 20 2014

All Hail The Emperor of the United States

Originally posted on Elementary Politics. Whenever the President is about to give a speech, that I’m aware of ahead of time of course, I like to chime in just before it to predict what he WILL say vs. what he SHOULD say. Although, in this instance what I’m about to write is much shorter than …

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Jul 09 2014

Beck vs Rubio: The Great Immigration Divide

Originally posted on Elementary Politics. I follow a great many people on Twitter, and while I can’t spend every waking moment trolling my timeline because of the vast amount that I follow and just how quickly their tweets come through, it’s rare for me to not only follow a conversation, but pick up on a …

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Apr 02 2014

Path to Prosperity or Complacency?

Well, you all might as well shoot me now or string me up or cancel my subscription cause I’m sure I’m about to piss off a whole lot of people on this one and I may no longer be considered a staunch member of the ____________ Party… Let me start by saying I really like …

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Feb 10 2014

Why I Won’t Watch the Winter Olympics This Year

I think the Olympics are currently taking place in Sochi, some “random” place in Russia. It’s the Winter Olympics, which normally I don’t care to watch anyway, so choosing not to watch ANY part of it this year has not proven to be as difficult as I thought. It also helps that you can only …

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