Mar 14 2016

TCLRS | Season 5 Episode 07

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Discussion Topics


Meredith’s Picks:

Joe Biden Condemns Palestinian Leaders Over Silence On Terror Attack That Killed American Citizen


Another Hate Crime Hoax


Erica’s Picks:

Iran Defy’s US Sanctions By Conducting Missile Tests


Caitlyn Jenner


Quick Picks:

Interesting Donald Trump Moment From Recent Debate

Donald Trump outright admitted that he’s closer to Democrats on issues of social security and free trade and SuperPacs.


UBER Uses App To Spread Word About Votes That Would Shut Them Down

Mar 14 2016

TCLAT | Season 5 Episode 07

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Discussion Topics


Erica’s Pick: Kim Kardashian Pens Essay on Nudity and Empowerment…
Schmuck Nominee(s): | Creating a Petition for Fetty Wap to Perform “Trap Queen” at Nancy Reagan Funeral


President Barack Obama | Skipping Nancy Reagan’s Funeral to Speak at SXSW


Cory Lewandowski | Admitting To Assaulting Breitbart Reporter Because He “didn’t know she was from Breitbart.”


Ben Carson | Endorsing Donald Trump Because He Thinks He Can Beat Hillary Clinton

Fans reaction:

Mar 05 2016

The Introvert at CPAC (Part I)

People who know me well, may not believe me when I say I am very introverted. In fact, when I was younger, I suffered from a severe case of stuttering. Occasionally, my jaw will lock when I speak, to this day, on any number of topics that I am passionate about. Over time I have learned to manage it better so no one can tell, but there are times when my nerves get the better of me.

Because of my introverted nature, going to large summits and conferences usually isn’t highly prioritized in my life. I’m sure you can understand why? Yet, CPAC (Conservative Political Action Conference) is one I had wanted to attend ever since I saw Carly Fiorina (former HP CEO) speak in 2014. That year I applied for Media Creds and got them, but I did not go because the thought of it terrified me! I hated that at 29 years old I was stopping myself out of fear, from attending such an amazing conference. One that I wish I could have been present in the room to hear Mrs. Fiorina give a speech I will forever remember. C-SPAN thankfully was televising certain speakers they felt would be of interest to its viewers. I remember saying to myself, “she would make an amazing Vice President.”

I knew then I had to overcome my apprehensions about attending such a large conference and just do it! So in 2015 I made the necessary arrangements, registered for Media Creds again, this time under a show that I crafted and manage (Two Conservative Lesbians). I got them again, and mostly because I didn’t want to be put on some phantom “list” of people who get Creds and doesn’t show up, I  went. Hey, I needed whatever motivator I could think of to get me to overcome my fear. And it worked, because finally I was at the Gaylord about to cover my very first CPAC!

Luckily, last year, I had many other distractions that caused me much unnecessary stress. But because of it I was not bothered or nervous by those things which usually put me in a “don’t notice me” kind of mood. In fact, I recall I was very chatty last year, even going so far as to start up conversations with perfect strangers which I normally would never have done! Again, I was dealing with outside forces that I needed to distract myself from, so I chose to talk to those around me.

CPAC seemed to be helping me overcome my fears of opening up to people, sharing my opinions on politics and policy, and the event hadn’t even officially started yet. By the last day of the event I felt like I was a pro at this. Granted, I was here as a Media person so it was a bit different than simply sitting, listening, watching, and enjoying the event. I wanted to make sure I soaked up as much as I could, heard as much as I could, and reported on it all through various social media outlets. I quickly realized this worked well for me because it meant I could have my “introverted-time” of sitting in the media section and keep to myself, reporting and observing. But then I discovered the second part of CPAC, what everyone who is a part of Media will tell you is the most important part, the night life.

While it is not a requirement to attend the evening parties that are hosted by various important organizations in this “New Media” era, if you don’t, you will surely have missed out on the full CPAC experience. So I went to just about every party that was going on and I’ll again admit, as much as I was out of my normal comfort zone, I was very much the life of the party. I made many connections and friends and it was amazing. I am a night person, but when I say that I mean I like to watch tv shows or movies why laying in bed! The night life of drinking and socializing isn’t something I’m accustomed to, but being around like-minded individuals really helped.

My only regret about last year was not speaking up more during the event. I had many opportunities to introduce myself to Carly Fiorina, among many others, but I didn’t because my confidence level was just not high enough. I vowed, if I got the chance, I would not make the same mistake again in 2016. I would take tools I never new I had to be more vocal at night and apply them more during the day.

Was I able to overcome my introverted nature at this years CPAC and do what I wish I had last year? Find out in The Introvert at CPAC (Part II) coming Sunday, March 6th.

Feb 29 2016

TCLRS | Season 5 Episode 06

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Discussion Topics

Meredith’s Picks:

Raven Plans to Leave US if ANY Republican Gets Nominated…I have bad news for you Raven…

Melissa Harris-Perry Walks off Set of Her Own Show
Erica’s Picks:

Apple Fighting Gov’t Order to Unlock San Bernardino iPhone