Nov 17 2004

Wishful Thinking

Wishful Thinking

I wish I had a soulmate
someone to share my world with
I wish she were my soulmate
so I can share it with her
I wish she loves me like I do her
an will tell me straight away
I wish I could love her less
because it’s tearing me in two
I wish she’d never leave my sight
how I love just ot look at her
I wish she and I were more
but would that make things worse?
I wish she’d let me me love and worship her
the way I’ve wanted to since I saw her
I wish she’d like me as I do her
because as long as she doesn’t I’ll keep pretending
I wish I had her confidence
so I could show her what I’ve written
and someday make my wishes come true

Nov 17 2004

Special Parts…

Special Pt. 1

Whenever I hear him sing
his words just echo through my ears
they fill the gap of despair
replaceing it with hope
He sings himself
of the hard and the hardest
making mind the easy and the easiest
If I were to meet him
the man of lyrical rhyme and reason
I’d say “whassup?”
and “you are who I look up to most”
He’d probably thank me
as most famous people do
and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Special Pt. 2

much to my dismay
I am alone
brought to my attention
I am lonely
sung around the world
Love is a wonderous thing
whispered through my heart
Love is painful
much to my dismay
I have felt love
brought to my attention
I am better for it

Special Pt. 3

I found love in a barren place—
in my heart
I love another in a heavenly place—
in my mind
I’ve got it backwards
my signals are crossed
what my mind is feeling
is what my heart should be doing
I found love in a barren place—
in my mind
I love another in a heavenly place—
in my heart…
Nah, that doesn’t sound right either

Special Pt. 4

I will never love another
the way I love her
She got my heart from the start
and I don’t intend on taking it back
I want her to keep it
and know that it will never break on her
no matter what becomes
of me; of her; of us
I will never love another
the way I love her

Special Pt. 5

I want to hold on to
that image of her
to romance her
and love her.
I need the comfort
that image of her
to be with her
forever and always.
But she doesn’t want to exist
that image I have of her.

Special Pt. 6

I close my eyes
and all I see is you
I close my eyes
and remember our fingers entertwined
I close my eyes
to feel your arms wrapped around me
I close my eyes
to remember the happy times
I close my eyes

Special Pt. 7

I hate it when you’re not around
I miss you when you come and see me
we talk a while
and laugh less
the friendships gone
my worlds a mess

Nov 17 2004

My First of Many

My First of Many

The first time I loved
was painful
as most often times it is

The first kiss
Was just that and nothing more
I will never forget my first

My first friend
was my best friend
and is now my brother
my pilar of strength
as we hold each other up

My first year of college
marked my beginning
of independent life
when I think back on it
I remember nothing more
than the moment when she walked into my life

My first college friend
is who I will remember always
can’t think of one without the other
can’t have the day without the night
and no matter who I meet from tomorrow till I die
she’ll always be my first of many
my first real friend

Nov 17 2004

Two Sides of Me

Two Sides of Me
7th Grade

There are two sides of me
both representing who I will be
one good side one bad
don’t really know which one I really want to have
For even though I “Speak with PRIDE”
I very often “Speak with LIES”
I’m unselfish and giving
Never ever taking
I’m even being nosey-quietly
There are two sides of me
I’m a heavy thinker and very smart
I’m very rude, stubborn, and outspoken
sometimes I feel like I am broken
into two pieces
two sides of me
two broken
two of me, not of you
I’m quick to judge
which is why I’m hard to trust
I have mixed emotions everyday
I wonder if anyone else feels this way?
funny how they never say
there are two sides of me
There are even some that I don’t know
in which category they should go
Like, keeping everything locked up
no one knowing what’s really up
I don’t say what I’m thinking
and when I do I say the wrong things
blinded by my jealousy of everyone and everything
Yet at the end I’d say I’m courageous
keeping all of me in
the two sides of me.