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photo-1Erica L Drayton, 29
Bronx, NY

Conservative, Episcopalian

I read. A lot! No seriously! I read so much I have a separate (but equal) book blog. Be warned, you won’t find highly political reads over there. While I do rant about politics and the news on THIS site, my other site has more of a Young Adult and Fiction vibe to it. But I encourage you to check out NYC BookWorm, if only to broaden your literary horizons.

Now, if you’ve made it onto my site and got so far as to click on the “About Me” section, then I assume it would not surprise you to know that I am indeed Black, a woman, gay, and YES, a Conservative. If you are here because you cannot believe your eyes (by what you’ve read and by my photograph alongside here) then to prove to you just how conservative I am in my political, moral, and every day views, I will direct you to my “Where I Stand…” page for further details.

What you don’t find in that page I hope to convey to you here:

I understand I am a “sinner” be it by the Biblical sense or the moral sense of the definition. If you believe in God (as I do) then you know we are ALL sinners. None of us is better than the other although we all must try to be the best of ourselves. What that may be for you I do not know. For myself, I strive to be a writer, a reader, a provider, and happy. How I come about to make all those things happen is up to me and no one else. As long as you can allow me the God given (NOT government given) right to do just that, we can get along just fine.

Winter is my favorite time of year (the snow falling more so than the constant chill).

Holy Week has become a time when I feel closest to God, His Son, and when I recharge who I am and what I want out of life. Some might call that a “come to Jesus” moment. I like to think of it as a time when I get to recommit to myself to do better this year than I did the year before.

Blue is my favorite color and Thomas Jefferson is my favorite Founding Father. I know they don’t go together but it’s my blog and I can say what I want here!

Why Thomas Jefferson? Ask me sometime and I’ll tell you…

I’m an Apple Geek but books rule my life. My 6 bookcases in my bedroom attest to that fact.

My music tastes is vast and if you tried to guess what I like to listen to I’m 99.9% sure you’d be wrong. I will point out that Country is by far my favorite genre. With Doo-Wop and R&B a close second.

As you find yourself reading my personal thoughts and rants and opinions I’d like to leave you with this reminder: My politics, my race, my gender, & my sexual preference are WHAT I am not WHO I am. They only play a small part in how I define myself, therefore if you don’t judge me based on what I am, but get to know who I am, I will guarantee you the same level of respect and understanding.

Most importantly, what I like to remember when life gets a bit tough is where I came from. My past is something that shaped me and something that I always learn from. Without my past mistakes, and friendships and enemies, wins and loses, heartbreaks and loves, I would not be as strong as I am today.

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. (Philistines 4:13)

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